About Me

I have always been an artist. From the time I was a small child I wanted to spend my time drawing and painting! After I graduated from high school Iattended Hershey Jr. College for a year but could not get the art education that I wanted so I got married. Seven years and two children later I went back to college to fulfull my dream. I commuted to Kutztown University, then Kutztown State Teachers College and earned both the Batchelor of Science and Master of Education degrees in art. I taught in Palmyra School District for sixteen years and also taught pottery and water color painting at what was then Hershey Education and Cultural Center. While there I was given the opportunity to design sets for the Miss Pa Pagent for several of the years that it was held in Hershey, an experience for which I will always be grateful. I eventually left the public school system but continued to teach classes at several locations including a state correctional facility and a day care center. I work mainly with acrylics and mixed media and feel that some of my works exhibit a spiritual quality.

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