Out of Chaos

Painted two days before 9-11! I was awakened by a shrill piercing sound around 4 am that Sunday morning. Unable to find the source I eventually fell back to sleep. When I arose, I had the intense desire to paint, an abstract on 15×30 canvas that I had for several years but couldn’t focus on a theme to paint. I painted Sunday and finished it Monday before going to work. When I arrived home from work that evening my daughter told me that it was the eeriest painting I had ever done, I replied “I know, I’m going to call it ““Out of Chaos”. On Tuesday morning, I placed several paintings, including this one in the car to take to work to show to the stores new decorator. As I returned to the house I was stunned to see the World Trade Center tragedy. I felt it was a terroristic act. Did I have a premonition?

Over the next few years I have seen many things in the painting that I did not consciously create. At work, those who viewed it that terrible day said “My God, Lois, you painted it before it happened!”





Out of Chaos



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